Ghost Town on the River

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Defunct, Operated from 1905 to 5/25/1976

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Former names:Fontaine Ferry Park (1905 to 5/4/1969)
Former status:Operated from 1972 to 5/25/1976
Operated from 1905 to 5/4/1969
Fan web sites:Memories of Fontaine Ferry Park
Location:A public park called Shawnee Park exists on the site today and footers from the Comet can still be found.
History:On May 4th 1969, the park's opening day for the season, a riot broke out and many building and food stands were destroyed. Workers were attacked and the park was looted. It took 25 police to restore order and cost the park $18,000. The park remained closed until 1972 when it reopened as Ghost Town on the River. Many of the parks former buildings and rides were used. On May 25th 1976 a fire broke out destroying the gate and penny arcade. Many other fires started as a result. The park never reopened and was auctioned off.
Notes:In the 1930s when the park was known as Fontaine Ferry Park, the park may have had a triple tracked racing roller coaster. There is a great deal of conflicting information on this as well as no mention of a triple tracked roller coaster in several books about Fontaine Ferry Park.

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