Recreation Park

75 Gashes Creek Road
Asheville, North Carolina, United States

Defunct, Operated from ? to

Defunct Roller Coasters: 2

High RollerSteelSit DownKiddie
unknownSteelSit DownKiddie


The following park history and description is courtesy of Michael Grove, a former park employee. The park was owned by Buncome County and later sold to the City of Asheville. The most recent park operator was Linda Smith who leased the land and operated the park until its closure. Prior to operating the park Linda traveled with Little Richard Enterprises. There were 4 "Levels" which were separated by a full flight of stairs (yet connected by Gashes Creek Rd and parking lots. Starting at the top level (known as the "Upper Level" but labeled "Level 1" on the clip board and keys) and working down: - Level 1: Sellner "Tilt-A-Whirl", Eli Bridge "Scrambler", Loose "Auto Skooters" (known as the "Bumper Cars" and prior to the '94 season it was changed to a "1 way only" ride, no head on collisions, housing doubled as storage in the winter), Games (very small assortment: ducks, shoot the star, etc, operated by another carney), video games (added in '95, operated by a local vendor), repair shop, concessions (I believe this octagonal building still exists, run by Linda's sister Dianne), ticket booth (run by Linda and one or two other attendants mostly). Building housing Bumper Cars, Games, video Games and repair shop has been torn down. Basketball Courts now adorn this level. - Level 2: Hampton "Motorcycles", kiddie swings (round ride, toddler friendly), small carousel, boat ride (cement pool still exists), original "Pony Carts" (W.F Mangels?), bathrooms, public pool access (operated by County/City). - Level 3: big carousel (roof structure still stands miraculously), boats (dry, possibly W.F. Mangels), planes/rockets (kiddie, metal rocket shaped planes, up and down movement controlled by operator), Eli Bridge "Ferris Wheel" (12), Eli Bridge "Kiddie Scrambler", Hampton "Combo Cars", public pool (operated by county/city), parking lot (wraps around to one level above (Level 1). - Level 4 ("Bottom Level", prone to flooding by Swananoa River): Roller Coaster, Super Slide, swing ride, Round Up, Tempest (prior to '94 season), park office (trailer), picnic sheds, public grills.


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