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Information from The Sheboygan Historian: The roller coaster was owned by the Lakeview Hotel which stood on the end of Wilson Ave. on the North side of the road. There is now an apartment house at this location. The hotel owned an amusement park called White City which was just across the street to the South from the hotel. This area is now a wooded area that can be seen on the end of Wilson Ave. The Roller coaster would have been built about 1890 and ran for twenty or thirty years, they also had a petting zoo and a large carousel in the park along with other small amusements. The hotel had a large theater in it and put on plays and the like. The trolley car system in Sheboygan ran out to the hotel which refunded your trolley car fair if you bought a ticket to a play or performance. In its day the Lakeview Hotel was known far and wide. Many people from the Chicago area used to come up here and stay all summer. They also had cottages you could rent by the week or month. Many of these cottages still exist in the area and are now used as homes.


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