Ravenna Park

Shorewood, Wisconsin, USA

Defunct, Operated from 1872 to 1916

Defunct Roller Coasters (3)


Former names:Wonderland on the River (1905 to 1908)
Coney Island (1900 to 1904)
Zweitusch's Mineral Springs (? to 1899)
Lueddeman's-On-The-River (1872 to ?)
Location:The 7 acre park was located on the Milwaukee River west of Oakland Avenue. When the park closed about 2 acres were sold to Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company to build a streetcar barn. Hubbard Park and an apartment complex now exists on the former park site. What became of the streetcar barn site isn't known, it too may have become part of Hubbard Park or the apartment complex.
History:The book The Golden Age of Roller Coasters in Vintage Postcards states: "Wonderland, however, was not a successful park, and in the spring of 1912 it was scheduled for demolition and all of the rides were offered for sale". Other sources have the park operating under the Ravenna Park name until 1916. Perhaps this scheduled demolition never occurred.
Notes:A postcard postmarked 7/19/1907 shows one of the park's roller coasters called "The Pike" at "Wonderland on the River". This was probably another name for the "L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway".
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