Trier's Park

1600 West Jefferson Boulevard
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Defunct, Operated from to

Defunct Roller Coasters: 1

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When Frank Ennis took ownership of the park in 1940 he stated he would call his park's by it's location, "West Swinney Park". This name appears to have never came to stick.


Trier's Park was an amusement section located inside of West Swinney Park, a city park.


In the spring of 1953 George F. Trier was denied the lease for the land and ordered to remove the Amusements from the park by July of the same year. On June 22, 1953 a fire broke out at the north end of the coaster. While the fire crews were working the blaze another fire was discovered in the dance hall. In the end both structures were a total loss.

Owner / Operator

In 1940 Frank Ennis became the park's new owner after being a concessionaire for 20 years prior. Frank had been associated with the nearby Robinson Park


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