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Former namesChestnut Hill Park ( to )


The park occupied 16 acres on the east side of Bethlehem Pike at Hillcrest Avenue.


At the opening in 1898, the park was served by the Chestnut Hill and Germantown branch of the Union Traction Company. The new (in 1906) Union Terminal Station was shared by the Philadelphia Rapid Transit (PRT) and the Lehigh Valley Transit companies also provided trolley service to the park.
The park was not welcomed by several local residents. They worked to close the park and in 1912 took rather drastic action. George C. Thomas Jr., Charles N. Welsh, Wilson Potter and Jay Cook the 3rd pooled their money and bought the park for $500,000. They then closed the park and sold everything off.


While the park was not intended to compete with Willow Grove Park, it was located closer to Philadelphia and hence a lower trolley fare than Willow Grove Park.

Owner / Operator

The park was built by Henry B. Auchy, the owner of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.


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