ArrangementSingle car trains. Riders are arranged inline in 2 rows for a total of 2 riders per car.


BuilderSetpointSpectraF/X Inc.


During the Pteranodon Flyers' planning stages there was a lot of contact between SpectraF/X and Caripro. Caripro made quotations and forwarded designs to SpectraF/X, but SpectraF/X never revealed the customer. Communication between the two stopped and Caripro assumed the project was dead.

What happened next isn't completely known. It seems SpectraF/X started construction using the designs of Caripro, but never completed the ride. It is thought SpectraF/X went bankrupt before the ride was complete. Much like Caripro was unaware the ride was intended for Universal Studios, Universal Studios was probably unaware SpectraF/X had worked with Caripro and Universal Studios hired Setpoint to complete the ride.

This is why this ride may look like a Caripro built ride even though they are not credited with building it.


Aerial Imagery


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