Rainbow Gardens

2103 Lincoln Way
McKeesport, Pennsylvania, United States

Defunct, Operated from s to

Defunct Roller Coasters: 2

BomberWoodSit Down
Wild MouseSteelSit DownThrill


Rainbow Gardens was located on the northeast corner of Route 48 (AKA Jacks Run Road, AKA Long Run Road) and Lincoln Way. This area is also called "White Oak", but based on current postal code information it is today considered McKeesport.


Rainbow Gardens was forced to close as it lie in the path of a planned expansion of PA 48. The park was leveled, but the new roadway was never built. In the late 1990s Oak Park Mall was built on the site.


Various publications cast quite some questions when it comes to the history of Wild Mouse roller coasters at Rainbow Gardens:  - A NAPHA News article shows a Schiff wild mouse at Rainbow Gardens, and said it was sold to a park in Cherokee, NC, when the park's rides were sold in 1968. The article cited a McKeesport newspaper report on the ride auction.  This is what the Wild Mouse listed here is based upon.  - The January 7th, 1958 issue of Billboard magazine reporting on the 1957 trade show states that Eric Wedemeyer sold a Meteor Monorail coaster to Rainbow Garden.  This roller coaster cannot be seen in aerial imagery from 1959, but a wild mouse could be seen southwest of the swimming pool.  Junior Reporter Pages of Uniontown, PA, newspapers mentioned a Wild Mouse or Wilde Maus, one claiming it as a new ride. The "Wild Maus" name has not been seen after 1959.  Mentions of the "Wild Mouse" name are seen in 1961, 1966 and 1968.  - A 1967 aerial photo shows a wild mouse again southwest of the swimming pool, but this time turned perpendicular from before. It's possible Wedemeyer did indeed sell a wooden Wild Maus to Rainbow Gardens and that it was replaced after a few years with a Schiff Wild Mouse.


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