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Former status:SBNO from ? to 2014
Operated from 2006 or earlier to 2008 or earlier
Notes:Despite references to this park being closed at the time, it was open on May 13th, 2007 with just kiddie rides operating.  By November of 2008 it appears to have closed completely.  The park is being rebuilt and is expected to reopen in 2015.

Park drawings and a billboard seen on December 30th, 2014 show a purple colored family roller coaster.  It appears, at least for now; this roller coaster will not be built.

On a December 30th, 2014 park visit, the Serpent (Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter) roller coaster looked complete, but the rest of the park was still not complete.
Owner / Operator:The reopening of Parc Sindibad is the result of a French-Moroccan joint-venture.  While several companies were involved, only Compagnie des Alpes is a known amusement park operator and the others are thought to be simply financial inventors.  The park has been advertised as "Sindibad by Walibi" (Walibi being a well known brand in France now owned by Compagnie des Alpes), but this name hasn't been seen at the park yet.

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