L&T Systems

Via S.Bartolomeo, 7/c
Villa Minozzo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Defunct, Operated from to


Mini Coaster
3Mini Coaster 32x18
6Mini Coaster 20x10
1Mini Coaster 16x9
1Mini Coaster Custom
6Mini Coaster 17x10
Wild Mouse
2Wild Mouse 40x20
6Wild Mouse 30x20
Compact Coaster
1Compact Coaster 52x24
2Compact Coaster 47x21
2Compact Coaster 36x18 with final spiral curve
1Compact Coaster 33x20
Junior Coaster
5Junior Coaster 30x14


Roller Coasters Built37
Roller Coaster Locations53
Extant Roller Coasters30


L&T Systems was founded in 1997 by the owners: Andrea Mazzeranghi and Rosangela Vicentini. Mr. Mazzeranghi worked as technical director at S.D.C. in Reggio Emilia and Mrs. Vicentini was accounting manager with a subcontractor of S.D.C.


In 2009, Preston & Barbieri purchased all the drawings from the failed L&T Systems company.


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