Length:652.9 ft
Height:19.7 ft
Speed:19.9 mph
Elements:Booster Wheel Lift Hill
Dimensions:127.8 ft x 75.5 ft
Capacity:1,000 riders per hour


Former names:Rattlesnake (2011 to 2013)
Wok's Waanzin (2005 to 2010)
Road Runner Express (2000 to 2004)
Keverbaan (1992 to 1999)
Relocations:Zygo Park as Tarzungle
Walibi Holland as Drako
Designer:Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Trains:Single train with 13 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 26 riders.
Etymology:"Wok's Waanzin" is Dutch for "Wok's Madness".
Location:For the 2011 season, the Rattlesnake was moved out of the kid's area and to the former location of the Flying Dutchman Gold Mine and reuses it's former entrance.
Notes:This is a mirror image of the standard Zierer Medium Tivoli model. So the train leaves the station to the left rather than the right.
Theme:The Keverbaan train was originally painted red. When the park changed from Walibi Flevo to Six Flags Holland in 2000 it was renamed to Road Runner Express and the train was painted brown. Then for the 2003 season, the train was repainted red again.

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