8707 East Milner Avenue
Terre Haute, Indiana, United States

Defunct, Operated from to ≤

Defunct Roller Coasters: 1

Little DipperSteelSit DownKiddie


Four of the park's nine or so attractions were listed on eBay ending on June 25th, 2009. Only the Allen Herschell Little Dipper roller coaster sold with a single bid of $5,900. The other listings that received no bids were for a Mangel Kiddie Whip (S/N 3338) at $4,500, a Watkins Chair Swing (S/N 7610) for $12,000 and a custom built "train" made of a garden tractor and three trailers with rubber tires for $4,500.
At the time of the auctions one satellite image showed the rides had already been removed -- suggesting the park had closed and put the rides in storage some time prior to the auctions.


This "park" was a small collection of rides at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 157's training center that could be rented out. While the park has closed, the training center still exists.


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