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Jet StarSteelSit DownThrill - -
Wacky WormSteelSit DownFamily - -
Wacky WormSteelSit DownFamily - -


Former namesAventura Park ( - to - )
Former statusOperated from - to -


This Aventura Park have moved several times within the same area. The entry represents the original location. The original location was on the north side of Carlos Alberto Izagurre (a road/street) and adjacent to the east side of Alferdo Mendiola (a road/street). This location had the Schwarzkopf Jet Star roller coaster. Presumably due to the construction of a new shopping center being built at the original location, the park temporarily moved to its second location on the south side of Carlos Alberto Izagurre and still adjacent to the east side of Alferdo Mendiola. This was a smaller location next to a McDonalds and probably not large enough for the Jet Star roller coaster. After the shopping center that initiated first the move was complete, the park moved back to the north side of Carlos Alberto Izagurre but behind the newly built shopping center for its third location.
Between 2009 and 2011, the park flipped from the east side of Royal Plaza back to its original location on the the west side and is now called Play Land Park per a Google Maps marker.


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