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Timber Falls Adventure ParkWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating1
Thunder Road Family Fun ParkSioux Falls, South Dakota, USAOperating19961
 Thrill-Ville USATurner, Oregon, USA--
 That Fun PlaceGreenfield, Indiana, USAOperating2006 or earlier-
 Terrapin ParkParkersburg, West Virginia, USA-1900 or earlier-
 Tahoe Amusement ParkSouth Lake Tahoe, California, USA-1958-
 Tacoma ParkCincinnati, Ohio, USA-7/1922-
Sylvan Beach Amusement ParkSylvan Beach, New York, USAOperating1870s1
 Swings-N-Things Family Fun ParkOlmsted Township, Ohio, USAOperating1987-
 Swatara ParkMiddletown, Pennsylvania, USA-1959 or earlier-
Super Slide Amusement ParkBismarck, North Dakota, USAOperating19671
 Sunshine ParkSan Antonio, Texas, USA-1980s-
 Sunrise ParkBinghamton, New York, USA-1950s-
 Sun Fun ParkNorth Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA--
 Summit Beach ParkAkron, Ohio, USA-1887-
 Suker's KiddielandLos Angeles, California, USA-1956 or earlier-
 Suburban ParkManlius, New York, USA-1957 or earlier-
 Suburban GardensNortheast, Washington, D.C., USA-1921-
 Suburban GardensSt. Louis, Missouri, USA--
Stricker's GroveRoss, Ohio, USAOperating19242
 Streamland ParkPico Rivera, California, USA-1953 or earlier-
Stratosphere TowerLas Vegas, Nevada, USAOperating4/29/1996-
Story LandGlen, New Hampshire, USAOperating19542
 StorylandAsbury Park, New Jersey, USA-1955-
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