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Near = Olympic Park (Rochester, New York, United States)
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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
SeabreezeRochester, New York, United StatesOperating410.2 mi
Six Flags Darien LakeDarien Center, New York, United StatesOperating838.5 mi
House of FrankensteinNiagara Falls, Ontario, CanadaOperating171.2 mi
Marineland Theme ParkNiagara Falls, Ontario, CanadaOperating271.3 mi
Holiday ValleyEllicottville, New York, United StatesOperating177.8 mi
Neb's FunworldOshawa, Ontario, CanadaOperating-182.5 mi
Greek Peak Mountain ResortCortland, New York, United StatesOperating187.3 mi
Centreville Amusement ParkToronto, Ontario, CanadaOperating192.6 mi
Sylvan Beach Amusement ParkSylvan Beach, New York, United StatesOperatings197.7 mi
Canada's WonderlandVaughan, Ontario, CanadaOperating17106.7 mi
Midway State ParkBemus Point, New York, United StatesOperating1109.4 mi
WaldameerErie, Pennsylvania, United StatesOperating5144.5 mi
Santa's VillageBracebridge, Ontario, CanadaOperating2156.6 mi
Blue MountainBlue Mountains, Ontario, CanadaOperating1163.6 mi
Knoebels Amusement ResortElysburg, Pennsylvania, United StatesOperating6165.5 mi
Conneaut Lake ParkConneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, United StatesOperating3169.6 mi
DelGrosso's Amusement ParkTipton, Pennsylvania, United StatesOperating2174.6 mi
Fun HavenOttawa, Ontario, CanadaOperating1180.7 mi
 Camelback Mountain AdventuresTannersville, Pennsylvania, United StatesOperating-1185.4 mi
Lakemont ParkAltoona, Pennsylvania, United StatesOperating3186.4 mi
Story Book ParkOwen Sound, Ontario, CanadaOperating1188.9 mi
Great EscapeQueensbury, New York, United StatesOperating6200.9 mi
Huck Finn's PlaylandAlbany, New York, United StatesOperating1201.2 mi
 WhitefaceNorth Elba, New York, United StatesOperating-1201.8 mi

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