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Criteria:Location = Turkey
Roller Coasters
Current Status = Operating
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignOpened
DragonLunaparkSteelSit Down
DragonBayrampaşa Şehir ParkıSteelSit Down
 DragonLunaparkSteelSit Down -
DragonKilic LunaparkSteelSit Down -
 DragonKılınç LunaparkSteelSit Down -
DragonAile ParkıSteelSit Down
DragonLunaparkSteelSit Down
DragonVia/Crazy ParkSteelSit Down -
 DragonGülce Oyun ParkıSteelSit Down -
DragonHayrola Luna ParkSteelSit Down
 DragonGoletparkSteelSit Down -
Dragon CoasterKorsan AdasiSteelSit Down
Elma KurduIzmir FuariSteelSit Down
Elma KurduLuna ParkSteelSit Down -
Elma KurduFamily ParkıSteelSit Down
Elma KurduAydoğdu LunaparkSteelSit Down
Family CoasterKorsan AdasiSteelSit Down
Family CoasterLand of Legends Theme ParkSteelSit Down
Formula 1Luna Lunapark A.Ş. ÇekmeköySteelSit Down -
GalaksiFamily ParkıSteelSit Down
 GalaksiCrazy ParkSteelSit Down -
GalaxiAnkara Luna ParkSteelSit Downs
Grand PrixFun LandSteelSit Down
Hyper CoasterLand of Legends Theme ParkSteelSit Down

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