London, Las Vegas

South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Defunct, Uncompleted during

Roller Coasters In Storage: 1

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Cloud Nine, a helium-filled, land-tethered balloon, previously operated at this location. The area was to become "London, Las Vegas" a 38.5-acre hotel and casino complex. It's presumed the adjacent Akita Plaza was to eventually succumb to the project.


In 2012, the site was cleared and Speed - The Ride was moved to the southern-most edge of the property. Construction of the Skyvue, a near 500 foot ferris wheel started quickly and by July the wheel's two main support columns reached around 200 feet tall. Construction halted before year's end and the project has been abandoned. The land has been put up for sale and Speed - The Ride remains in storage.


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