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Ankapark was the idea of the former mayor of Ankara, Melih Gökçek. Melih became the subject of a corruption investigation related to how public funds were used, including funding for Ankapark. Melih Gökçek was removed from office and last known to be under a criminal investigation. Construction at Ankapark was halted in 2017 as a result.  Ankara's new mayor is not in favor of the park, but acknowledges considerable investment has been made and has suggested the future to be determined by a referendum.  Little information is available to further this story, but it appears as recent as May 2018, the park's lease has been granted.  GBM Trade-Steel joint venture group has made an offer to purchase the park and the next scheduled meeting on this is September 20th, 2018. Even if this goes through, an opening in 2018 appears unlikely so the dates have been moved to 2019.

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