Length1643.7 ft
Height98.4 ft
Drop123 ft
Speed55.9 mph
ElementsDark/Show Section
Chain Lift Hill
Zero-G Roll
360° Helix


Arrangement3 trains with 3 cars per train. Riders are arranged 6 across in a single row for a total of 18 riders per train.


Capacity1000 riders per hour


The name refers to Gustave calling himself 'Baron' and the story taking place in 1898 (see also below regarding the ride's theme).
The name of the character also has a double meaning. 'Hooghmoed', (present spelling Hoogmoed) means pride but with a negative connotation. More like the Greek 'hubris'. This represents the story line but 'Hoogmoed' is also a composition of two words 'Hoog' (High) and 'Moed' (Courage).


Baron 1898 operated on June 30th 2015 for press as well as for people who won preview tickets through contests.


The main character, Gustave Hooghmoed, finds a nugget of gold in a mine. In the mine are Witte Wieven warning Gustave not to take the gold. Gustave - of course - doesn't listen, takes the nugget and more and buys the whole area of land to secure himself the mine. He starts calling himself the "Mine Baron" and recruits miners to dig for the gold. One by one, the miners flee from the mine and not a single one manages to stay under long. The guests are invited to dare and go have a look into the mine themselves.

The whole ride is extensively themed as is the case with the Vliegende Hollander. The queue is composed of the mine building to pass through as well as a preshow before reaching the station.


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