ElementsChain Lift Hill


ArrangementSingle car trains. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 4 riders per car.


RelocationsLa Ronde as Montagnes Russes
Old Indiana Fun-n-Water Park as Montagnes Russes
State Fair of Texas as Comet II


This Wildcat was purchased from the Old Indiana auction and refurbished by the E S Webb Co (113 N Park; Maize, KS 67101; 316-722-4621). A new station was built, the cars were replaced and a new Allen Bradley dual PLC control system was installed. A new sign was built using a surplus sign that read "NETCOM". The letters were rearranged and the "II" was added. "Comet II" was created in memory of the Comet that previously operated at the State Far of Texas and the first location for the newly refurbished ride to operate.

While at the fair, the roller coaster did not travel. This was a unique arrangement with the State Fair Of Texas where the fair provided storage during the off-season -- the roller coaster still stood, but the cars, chains, motors and such were removed and stored.

The Comet II was removed to make room for a PAX Shuttle Loop that was to be installed in 2002. The PAX Shuttle Loop was however never installed.
Since leaving the fair, the ride has returned to the E S Webb Co in Wichita, KS where it is in storage as of 6/5/2003.

Know showings of the Comet II traveling with Wade Shows, Inc.:
- August 2010 - Wisconsin State Fair
 - October 2010 - Tulsa State Fair
 - October 2011 - Tulsa State Fair
 - October 2012 - Tulsa State Fair
 - February 2014 - Florida State Fair
 - August 2014 - Wisconsin State Fair
 - February 2015 - Florida State Fair
 - August 2015 - New York State Fair
 - February 2017 - Florida State Fair


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