Washington Park

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Defunct, Operated from ≤ to -

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Former namesPastime Park (≤ to )


Various names were used over the years, sometimes just Washington Park (with the location specified), but also as Lierz's Washington Park (1895-1899), Goos' Washington Park (1899-1903) after the new licensee Louis Goos, and Philadelphia Washington Park (1898-1911) -- all names that distinguished it from the larger Washington Park on the Delaware.


Opened as Pastime Park in 1881 (possibly earlier), owned and operated by Martin Ulrick, Sr. (consistently spelled as Ulrich by the Philadelphia Inquirer). In 1888, liquor sales were greatly restricted, and the park (and many others) lost its license. In 1894, the park was leased by Henry Lierz, who had obtained a new retail liquor license, and renamed Washington Park. In 1913, the holder of the liquor license allowed it to lapse by not paying the fees, and attempts to transfer the license to another entity failed. This sealed the park's fate, although it was thought not to have been profitable for several years.  The land was sold for residential development early in 1915.


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