ArrangementSingle train with 2 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 8 riders.


Former namesLittle Dipper


This Herschell Little Dipper appears to be a combination of two Little Dippers of different model and vintage. The train on this Little Dipper is not consistent with what is normally found on a Herschell Little Dipper of this model. The train being used is from a newer model and operates with just two of the original three cars. Near the roller coaster there is an old car body being used as a planter. This appears to be one of the older styles and is presumed to be one of the original bodies.
Riders must be 12 or under to ride the Roller Coaster.
Another interesting observation about this Little Dipper is the station awing reads "Little Dipper" and the sign on top of the lift hill reads "Roller Coaster". This again appears to be a combination of more than one model Little Dipper as Herschell labeled the ride both ways over the years.


A San Antonio Express-News story quoted Ashley Weaver as saying “we literally cut it up and sold it for scrap metal" in regards to what became of the roller coaster.
Two cars as well as the top of the lift marquee were used as decoration in the adjacent San Antonio Zoo. This can be seen in the 2020 photo in the database.


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