Exposition Universelle Bruxelles 1910

Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

Defunct, Operated from to

Type: World Expo / Fair

Defunct Roller Coasters: 5

Chemin de Fer ScéniqueWoodSit Down
TicklerWoodSit DownFamily
Huit VolantWoodSit Down
Dip the DipsWoodSit Down
ChatouilleurWoodSit DownFamily


While Belgium was officially bilingual in 1910 (French and Dutch), French was the dominant language when it came to the higher class and the decision making levels.
For this the Expo carried a clear French name and on some posters and maps an English translation.


On August 14th and 15th, a large fire demolished most of the Bruxelles-Kermesse area together with Luna Park. The Expo kept up and running and some parts were rebuilt for the remainder of the Expo. The Luna Park remained lost. The coasters at La Plaine des Attractions weren't impacted by the fire and remained in operation until the end of the Expo.


The amusement section 'La Plaine des Attractions' was home to two other rides that are unclear to identify. One was called 'Royaume Merveilleux' (French for 'Marvellous Kingdom') and featured a train with a dragon head running along a track inside a building. It is believed this was some sort of dark ride and therefore not listed in the database. The other was called 'L'arbre Géant' (French for 'The Giant Tree'). Old photos show a tall wooden tree structure with a ramp/pathway around it. People called it 'Toboggan Américaine' or also 'Scenic Tree Railway'. Based on the photos, it is believed to have been some sort of toboggan ride or panoramic platform and therefore also not listed.


The 1910 World Expo in Brussels had besides the land based pavilions, two amusement sections, called 'Luna Park' and 'La Plaine des Attractions' (French for 'Attractions Area/Plain').
The main entrance of the Expo was in the northwestern corner of the terrain. Near the entrance was a themed area called 'Bruxelles-Kermesse' (French for 'Brussels Fair'). This area was themed as a historic view on the inner city of Brussels with its typical cobblestoned streets together with medieval and other historic buildings. At the end of Bruxelles-Kermesse the Luna Park was situated. Luna Park was home to two of the five coasters at the Expo : Chemin de Fer Scénique and Chatouilleur.
On the opposite side of the Expo terrain, in the southwest corner, La Plaine des Attractions was built. This area was home to the other three coasters : Dip the Dips, Huit Volant and Tickler.


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