Length260 ft
Drop12 ft
ElementsCable Lift Hill


Arrangement1 car. Riders are arranged inline in a single row for a total of 1 riders.


Capacity1 riders per hour


Brava! is an art installation by contemporary American artist EJ Hill. The Brava! is an ode to backyard roller coasters.
EJ Hill's work has been inspired by roller coasters and amusement parks before.
The Brava! is similar to the P'Sghetti Bowl design, but uses a different train, supports, and mechanics.

Operating schedule

The roller coaster is part of an 18-month long exhibit by artist EJ Hill, called 'BRAKE RUN HELIX'.
The Brava! is available to the public, but has limited operation -- one train/rider per hour.
People interested in experiencing the Brava! have to make reservations through the MASS MoCA website. MASS MoCA Members get first access.


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