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RelocationsSuburban Park as Wild Mouse
Land of Fun as Wild Mouse


According to the March 28, 1960 issue of Billboard Magazine there was to be a Schiff Wild Mouse to open on May 15, 1960 on a 623x50 foot lot located on 15th between the Bowery and the Boardwalk. This mouse was to be owned by Pat Razzano and Fred Cerbini, operating as R&C Amusements. The location is right where the picture was taken (the structure bordering the right side of the picture is the Thunderbolt). Also the picture shows a Schiff. It is assumed this roller coaster is the one mentioned in the Billboard Magazine story.


In 1963, the owners were replacing some major rides with a dozen kiddie rides between the wild mouse and the boardwalk, which suggests that the mouse might have been farther north than its final resting position.


This wild mouse was not present in a 1966 aerial photo of the area. This suggests the wild mouse was still being used as a traveling concession during this time. Based on the discontinuous wild mouse history at Suburban Park, it's possible it returned there for some time.


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