Former status:SBNO from 1959 to 1966
Operated from 1924 to 1958
Designer:John A. Miller
Facts:Closed after a non-fatal accident in 1958 and remained standing, but not operating until a storm blew it over into the lake in 1966.

There are many opening dates mentioned for this roller coaster:

  • 1922 - The 1991 Roller Coaster Directory by Richard W. Munch.
  • 1924 - Fall 2004 issue of Rollercoaster by Derek Wise (who acknowledges some printed sources stating 1930.)
  • ≈1930 - My Buckeye Lake by Donna Braig.
The Miller and Baker partnership existed from 1920 to 1923.  A Miller and Baker catalog from 1923 lists roller coasters built during the past three seasons and the Buckeye Lake Dips is not listed.

A photo exists of the Dips appearing to be under construction is dated "Aug 9-16, 1923".  This would support the 1924 year best.

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