Space Coaster / スペースコースター

Wonder Land (Awara, Fukui, Japan)

SBNO since 2015 or earlier

Roller CoasterSteelSit DownThrill

Track layout: Wild Mouse



Former status:Operated from ? to 2015 or earlier
Relocations:Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland as unknown
Wonder Land as Space Coaster
Trains:Single car trains. Riders are arranged inline in 2 rows for a total of 2 riders per car.
Notes:This roller coaster was previously listed as opening at Wonder Land on 4/25/1988. This appears to have been a mistake as it isn't believed to have been moved from Washuzan Highland until the late 1990s. Perhaps 4/25/1988 was the opening date of the roller coaster at Washuzan Highland.
Operating schedule:In June, 2015, the parks website contained a list of operational attractions and the Space Coaster was not listed. In October, 2015 it was still present in the park, but had clearly not operated for some time.

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