On an 8/17/2007 visit to the park, the roller coaster was still present with three cars, but the park was clearly closed down for good. There was a sign in the parking lot advertising "Volcano Falls Adventure Park" -- a larger park about 10 minutes to the north with a common part owner (first name of Tyler). The sign mentioned a roller coaster as one of the attractions. After a talk with a Volcano Falls employee, it was learned this roller coaster was to be moved to Volcano Falls, but due to the roller coaster's condition, this was not going to happen. It appears the roller coaster has been abandoned at the Cherry Valley location. On a 9/13/2008 visit, the status the park appears to be unchanged with the only difference being a new fence built across the parking lot blocking access to the majority of the facility. On a 9/25/2010 visit, the roller coaster was no longer present. The trailer the roller coaster was once mounted to was still present and moved from the original location to the northwest corner of the parking lot. The fence across the facility present in the previous visit was also removed.

Owner / Operator

This kiddie coaster was previously owned by a traveling showman that was based out of Amsterdam, New York.


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