Former status:In Storage from 2001 or earlier to 2004
Operated from ? to 2001 or earlier
Facts:Some references have this roller coaster listed as a Carl Miler wild mouse. The oldest of which may be Bill Buckley's 1993 roller coaster census. Many other references, this site included, have used this resource. This Carl Miler association appears to have been in error as pictures taken from this time clearly show a Ben Schiff wild mouse.

When compared to most other Schiff Wild Mouse roller coasters, this appears to be a somewhat smaller model. This mouse lacks the big dip on the left side after the top switchback layer. There are also some metal supports in the front on the turn following the top switchback layer. This isn't normally seen on a Schiff Wild Mouse roller coaster.
History:According to a conversation with a park employee this "wooden" wild mouse was taken down in the mid 1990's and sold. The buyer paid for it and never picked it up. As of 7/21/2001 it remained in storage at the park.
The park employee calling this a "wooden" wild mouse is probably due to the wooden support structure and not the track. Most Ben Schiff wild mouse roller coasters used a wooden support structure and steel track.
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