Six Flags Great Adventure

1 Six Flags Boulevard
Jackson, New Jersey, United States

Operating since

Telephone: +1 732-928-2000

Roller Coasters Under Construction: 1

Flash: Vertical VelocitySteelSit DownExtreme

Operating Roller Coasters: 14

Superman - Ultimate FlightSteelFlyingExtreme
Kingda KaSteelSit DownExtreme
El ToroWoodSit DownExtreme
Dark KnightSteelSit DownThrill
Green LanternSteelStand UpExtreme
Jersey Devil CoasterSteelSit DownExtreme
Lil' Devil CoasterSteelSit DownFamily
Batman The RideSteelInvertedExtreme
Skull MountainSteelSit DownFamily
Runaway Mine TrainSteelSit DownThrill
MedusaSteelSit DownExtreme
Harley Quinn Crazy TrainSteelSit DownFamily
NitroSteelSit DownExtreme

Defunct Roller Coasters: 15

Wild RiderSteelSit DownThrill
Alpen BlitzSteelSit DownThrill
Lil' ThunderSteelSit DownFamily
Jumbo JetSteelSit DownThrill
Lightnin' LoopsSteelSit DownExtreme
Road Runner RailwaySteelSit DownFamily
Rolling ThunderWoodSit DownExtreme
Lightnin' LoopsSteelSit DownExtreme
Batman And Robin: The ChillerSteelSit DownExtreme
Sarajevo BobsledSteelBobsledThrill
Ultra TwisterSteelPipelineExtreme
ShockwaveSteelStand UpExtreme
ViperSteelSit DownExtreme
Great American Scream MachineSteelSit DownExtreme
Big FurySteelSit Down


Former namesGreat Adventure ( to )
OperatorSix Flags
Fan web sitesGreat Adventure History
Great Adventure Source

Owner / Operator

Originally built by Warner Leroy as just Great Adventure. In the fall of 1977 Six Flags purchased the park. Warner Leroy sold his interest in the park to Time Warner in 1993.


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