Dinosaur Beach

2701 Boardwalk
Wildwood, New Jersey, United States

Defunct, Operated from to

Defunct Roller Coasters: 6

Golden NuggetSteelSit DownFamily
Crazy MouseSteelSit DownThrill
KamikazeSteelSit DownExtreme
FlyerWoodSit Down
WhirlwindWoodSit Down
ZyklonSteelSit DownThrill


Former namesConko's Party Pier ( to )
The New Hunt's Pier ( to )
Hunt's Pier ( to )
Ocean Pier ( to )
Former statusOperated from to
Operated from to
Operated from to


The pier was originally built during the winter of 1904/1905. William C. Hunt purchased the pier in 1935. On 12/25/1943 the pier was completely destroyed by fire. It took until 1957 for Hunt to built a new pier on the site. This pier was built out of concrete to prevent future fires. Hunt's Pier was purchased by a division of Conklin Shows in 1988 and renamed Conko's Party Pier. This lasted until 1992 when the pier closed down. In 1995 the owners of Atlantic City's Steel Pier, the Cantonoso family bought the pier and operated a few kiddies rides on the front of the pier. For the 1995 season the pier didn't operate under any particular name, but tickets were marked "Ocean Pier". The Dinosaur Beach name was introduced in 1996 and only lasted a few years as Dinosaur Beach closed after the 1998 season. In 1999 Morey's Piers purchased the pier and has said they have non-amusement plans for the pier.


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