Walibi Holland

Spijkweg 30
Biddinghuizen, Flevoland, Netherlands

Operating since

Telephone: +31 321 32 99 99

Roller Coasters Under Construction: 1

unknownSteelSit DownExtreme

Operating Roller Coasters: 8

Eat My DustSteelSit DownFamily
Xpress: Platform 13SteelSit DownExtreme
Speed of SoundSteelSit DownExtreme
DrakoSteelSit DownFamily
GoliathSteelSit DownExtreme
Lost GravitySteelSit DownExtreme
UntamedSteelSit DownExtreme

Defunct Roller Coasters: 3

City JetSteelSit DownThrill
Robin HoodWoodSit DownExtreme
Flying Dutchman Gold MineSteelSit DownThrill


Former namesWalibi World ( to )
Six Flags Holland ( to )
Walibi Flevo ( to )
Flevohof ( to )
Former statusSBNO from to
Operated from to
OperatorCompagnie des Alpes


Originally operated as an educational park under the Flevohof name.
After years of declining visitor numbers, the park was declared bankrupt on November 1st 1991. The park was bought by realtor Voskamp in December 1991 who in turn sold it on to Eddy Meèus, owner of the Walibi Group on February 28th 1992.
After acquiring the park, the Walibi Group reopened the park on May 15th 1992. A couple of rides were added among which the Zierer Medium Tivoli coaster. The re-opening came to soon, attendance was poor and reviews were bad. Flevohof was closed again after its last day of the season on September 13th 1992.
After a period of refurbishment and rebranding, the park reopened as Walibi Flevo on May 7th 1994. The educational theme was gone and although some elements from the park's original setup (plants, greenhouses) remained present, these disappeared from the park in the long run as well. The park opened with a world's first with the prototype of the Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC).
Premier Parks purchased the Walibi Group. Later in the year Premier Parks purchased Six Flags Corporation.
Premier Parks dropped its original name in favor of the more popular Six Flags brand name.
For the 2000 season Six Flags introduced a significant number of new attractions including four new roller coasters. Simultaneously, the park was renamed as Six Flags Holland.
In early 2004 Six Flags sold their European parks (excluding their small portion of Warner Bros. Movie World in Madrid, Spain) to Palamon Capitol Partners who then operated the parks under the Star Parks Europe name. The park continued to operate as Six Flags Holland for the remainder of the season.
The park was renamed Walibi World for the 2005 season.
In the spring of 2006 Star Parks sold Walibi World to Grévin & Cie, now Compagnie des Alpes.
In 2010, the park was once again renamed to the current Walibi Holland.

Pop Culture

The 1996 season of the Dutch tv-show 'Te land, ter zee en in de lucht' (Dutch for 'Over land, by sea and in the air'), by tv-channel Tros, was hosted by Wali Flevo.


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