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Former namesBembom Brothers Theme Park ( to )
Dreamland ( to )
Hall by the Sea ( to )
Former statusSBNO from to
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Owner / Operator

In the 1980s Dreamland was owned by the Bembom Brothers and the park operated under the name "Bembom Brothers Theme Park".
The park was owned by Jimmy Godden until January 2003 when he sold it developers who's plans were not to continue using the land for an amusement park. It isn't known at this time if Jimmy purchased the park from the Bembom Brothers or if there were owners between the two.
Dreamland was operated by showman David Wallis for the 2004 season who brought in the Dragon family roller coaster.
After years of being closed and obvious decline, the park became the property of the Thanet District Council. They refurbished the park as well as the iconic Scenic Railway and reopened to the public on June 19th 2015.

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