John A. Miller

Roller Coasters



Born Homewood, Illinois, United States
Died Houston, Texas, United States


August John Mueller was born in Homewood, Illinois in 1874. He used the name "John A. Miller" professionally. At age 19 Miller started work with LaMarcus Thompson and became his chief engineer. Later he worked with Frederick Ingersoll, Josiah Pearce and Fred Pearce. Miller was a consultant to the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1911. He designed more than a dozen coasters for PTC, including the mammoth Giant Coaster at Paragon Park in Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts. Miller formed a partnership with Harry C. Baker in 1920. Their partnership ended in 1923. During the late twenties and the Depression years Miller was associated with the Dayton Fun House and Riding Device Manufacturing Company, which later became the National Amusement Device Corporation. Out of this Dayton relationship and a partnership with Norman Bartlett came the great Flying Turns ride. The prototype ride opened in 1929 at Dayton's Lakeside Park. In 1930 a larger version opened at Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, Ohio. Miller and Bartlett parted ways in 1932. Miller's last years were spent in and out of Mexico. He died in Houston while designing a coaster for that city.


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