Jumbo Jet

Jet Star - Schwarzkopf (Münsterhausen, Bavaria, Germany)

Discontinued, Manufactured from to ?


Roller Coasters9 (13 relocated)


A total of seven Jumbo Jets were built (in no particular order):

1) Cedar Point, Palace Playland, Malmö Folkets Park, Beoland and Dreamland. Between Malmö Folkets Park and Beoland, this Jumbo Jet was in Prague, Czech Republic at a Expo Fair for a year and then several years to a park in Poland.

2) Operated by Kenny Kaufman on Coney Island before being sold to China where it is believed to be traveling. One suspected sighting was in Dalian.

3) Destroyed in the late 1970s.

4) Purchased by Conklin shows who operated it at the Canadian National Exhibition. It then made a short stop at Six Flags Great Adventure. It was purchased by the French showman Bouvier and it operates at the family's Amigoland park.

5) Originally purchased by German showman Kinzler. Then sold to Walibi Belgium. Showman Xavier Lapere purchased the Jumbo Jet and traveled with it before putting it into storage.

6) Started at Busch Gardens Europe, moved to La Feria Chapultepec Magico and currently at Selva Mágica.

7) Opened in 1992 at Alton Towers, moved to Divertido and currently at Salitre Magico.

Jumbo Jet roller coasters have also appeared at Morey's Piers and Great Adventure Amusement Park in Flushing, NY. Where these fit into the above list isn't know at this time.

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