Length2862 ft
Speed44 mph
ElementsElectric Spiral Lift


Arrangement2 cars per train. Riders are arranged inline in 6 rows for a total of 12 riders per train.


Former namesAlton Beast ( to )
RelocationsAlton Towers as New Beast
Divertido as Space Mountain
Salitre Magico as Tornado


The Alton Beast was originally located in the Talbot Street section of the park. It was taken down after the 1991 season and sent to Stein (who took over the Schwarzkopf factory at the time) for refurbishment. When it retuned it was erected in the Thunder Valley section of the park.


It was previously believed the "New Beast" and "Alton Beast" were not the same physical rides, but rather two different physical rides of the same model. This has been confirmed not to be the case by a Alton staff member who worked the ride both before and after the switch. Welds made to the Alton Beast by Alton maintenance staff were present on the New Beast when it return the next season.


Red track with white structure. Prior to the Alton Beast to New Beast refurbishment and relocation, the ride had dark green track with light green supports.


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