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Track Layout

Shuttle Loop

Single Helix (rear)

Double Out and Back

Circle Dip

Wild Mouserides using single-car trains on a track with very tight turns. The cars' wheels are positioned closer to the rear of the car than a traditional coaster. The front of the car travels past the turn before changing directions, giving the sensation that the car will fall off the track

Cycloneroller coaster whose track layout is designed after the legendary Coney Island Cyclone.

Figure Eight

Double Figure EightFigure eights are side-by-side.



Single Helix (right)

Twin Helix


Single Helix (left)

Single Helix (center)

Out and Back

L-Shaped Out and Back

Mite Mouse

Circular Gravity Railway

Big Apple / Wacky Worm

Triple Out and Back

Zyklon / Galaxi

U Shuttle


Jungle Mouse


Steela roller coaster with track consisting of steel tubes or rails. Occasionally steel roller coasters will use wood structures to support the steel track, this does not have an affect on its steel status.

Wooda roller coaster with track consisting of layers of wood. Occasionally wooden roller coasters will use steel structures to support the wooden track, this does not have an affect on its wooden status.


Kiddiea small roller coaster designed solely for children.

Familya small roller coaster designed for young riders, but adults may comfortably ride also.

ThrillThis ride classification entry is a under development and searches for it will be incomplete.

ExtremeThis ride classification entry is a under development and searches for it will be incomplete.

Passenger Restraints


Dark RideA coaster that is principally and mainly designed to be a dark ride with a constant sequence of theming and show elements. It does have one or more typical roller coaster elements - mainly gravity dips - which qualify it as a roller coaster.

4th Dimensiona coaster with cars that spin on a horizontal axis.

Scenic Railway

Sliding Station


Built In-House



Single Rail

Spinning Cars

Turntable Station

Indoora roller coaster built inside a structure unrelated to the ride.


Shuttlea roller coaster traveling to the end of its track and returning in the opposite direction. A shuttle roller coaster's track contains a beginning and end, unlike a traditional roller coaster which forms a continuous circuit.

Water Coaster


MöbiusThe two tracks are continuous forming a single circuit or 'Moebius Loop'.

Twina roller coaster with two tracks. The tracks often follow a similar course, allowing the trains to race with each other.

Side Friction

Rocking Cars

Quasi Möbius

Virtual Reality

Encloseda roller coaster built inside a structure intended solely for the ride. This structure often imparts a theme or houses special effects.

Dual Station



Trolley Park




Hamster Wheel

Human Powered

Stacked StorageStacked Storage means that the coaster's storage track is located underneath the station track. Standard storage track is generally located parallel to the general start or ending of the ride's layout and is whether or not covered by a shelter or building. It is reached by a track switch system. With Stacked Storage, the storage track is situated one level below the station track itself. With the station being at a level of +1, the storage track is situated at level 0. The train is moved into and out of storage by a lift system. This lift system lifts the station track one level (+2) so the track from level 0 is connected to the rest of the track at level +1. A train can then be moved out of or into storage after which the station lift lowers the station track back to level +1 and the storage track back to level 0. With this arrangement it is as if both track sections are stacked one upon the other, hence Stacked Storage.

Onboard Sound


Sit Downa traditional roller coaster ridden while sitting down.

Inverteda roller coaster which uses trains traveling beneath, rather than on top of, the track. Unlike a suspended roller coaster, an inverted roller coaster's trains are rigidly attached to the track.

Suspendeda roller coaster using trains which travel beneath the track and pivot on a swinging arm from side to side, exaggerating the track's banks and turns.


Flyinga roller coaster ridden while parallel with the track.

Stand Upa coaster ridden while standing up instead of sitting down.

Bobsleddesigned like a bobsled run -- without a fixed track. The train travels freely through a trough.

Pipelinea coaster where riders are positioned between the rails instead of above or below.


Roller Coaster

Powered Coastera roller coaster that is electrically powered throughout the entire ride.

Mountain Coaster

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