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F1-X Dubai was to flank the north and east sides of the Dubai Autodrome (دبي أوتودروم).


Several roller coasters, perhaps some only partially, were shipped to F1-X Dubai before the project was abandoned. One confirmed on location was a custom Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter with red track and beige supports with the same layout as the Huracan at Belantis. A Premier Rides launched shuttle coaster with blue vertical spike was also seen on location.  Premier Rides showed off a car from a vehicle from a "Drifting Coaster" at the IAAPA 2010 trade show that was to go on a 600m long, LIM launched coaster for F1-X Dubai.  Some parts seen at Intermountain Lift, the track manufacturer used by Premier Rides, were labeled "F1 - Racing Coaster - F1/X Dubai, Locking Device".  It's unclear if these parts were shipped to Dubai.  An Intamin roller coaster of unknown type has been said to be under the sand there.
The park was designed by FORREC and was to have 17 or 20 attractions depending on the source.
Some track that was delivered and stored at 25°02'56.7"N 55°13'42.4"E and appears to have been taken away in the first half of 2019.

Operating schedule

The park was to open in the third quarter of 2009, was delayed to 2010 and finally canceled later in 2010.


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